Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awesome Review by Sarah's Review

This review is by Sarah on Larissa's Bookish Life. 
I’ve had a real good mix of books to read recently and I’ll admit I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this YA book.

I was SO wrong! The book is aimed for 11+ year olds and yes the book is totally suitable for those ages but I found myself also totally compelled into each page. Jake I immediately warmed to and felt a bit sorry for him as he is a teenager who is constantly moving around with his parents as they try to prove that ghosts exists. His life is totally at their mercy but also he doesn’t really believe in ghosts until he meets one!

I absolutely loved Frank and he was probably my favourite character in the book. His charming personality almost fell out of the pages and I found myself smiling every time his name was mentioned. With Jake helping Frank find out who killed him they have a great deal of banter which is fun to read and also makes this book more fun for the intended audience to read I think. I also really found Jake’s friend Tank very fun, she has her share of problems but she’s someone who girls reading this will relate to.

The ending is almost a cliffhanger but it is left open for another book and I really hope there is one. After being very sceptical I would really like to read a second book from this author carrying on this story. This book is perfect for teenagers and there is enough for adults too to keep you engaged, the story flows well and has good engaging characters. Also I’m very interested to see what else Tracy Lane will write next if it’s not another in this series, definitely an author to watch.

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