Friday, May 24, 2013

Frankie Bloodings Bookshelf

Frankie gave a wonderful review of Paranormal Properties.  Thank you so much Frankie!


5 Dragons
I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I had such a good feeling right from the get go! I was like, “Geez! What a fun-fun-FUN premise! How could this go wrong?” Well, okay, so I know how it could go wrong. This one didn’t!
The characters were a BLAST! Frank, the ghost, had me laughing so hard! I love-love-loooooved Jake! I enjoyed seeing how he helped his ghost hunter parent. *wink, wink* Oh yeah. Ghost hunter parents. This is probably one of the reasons I synced so well with the characters. That’s my hobby. Yup. And Ms. Lane didn’t cover it syrup or dry it up with too much explanation!
If you want a FUN adventure in the supernatural department, totally pick up this book!

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