Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are you haunted?

Are you haunted?  Do you have cold spots or hear unexplainable noises?  Do your pets freak out in certain locations? Do certain smells come and go? Is the atmosphere different?  Well you may just be haunted.

You're not alone, many houses are haunted.  It happens. Now before you run to get a priest to bless your home, try these tips to check if you really have a spiritual visitor.

An analog tape recorder is a great way to check.  Make sure there are no other noises and tape yourself asking questions like "Is anyone here with me?"  "What is your name?"  You get the picture.  Pause in-between questions to allow for answers.  3a.m. is a good time to try this, but you can actually pick up EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) anytime of day.

Take photo's. If you have long hair be sure to pull it back. Clean your lense before hand and look for spider webs as they may come out looking paranormal.

These are the most popular two ways to check and very reliable.  If you don't get any evidence this way you may just have an overactive imagination. But to be sure do these 4 or 5 times and check the results. If nothing still it's pretty safe to say your house may just be settling or there is reasonable explanations for what you are experiencing.

Good luck!

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